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Yemen is currently in an emergency situation for humanitarian reasons. The worst cholera epidemic in the world has claimed thousands of lives and made tens of millions of people sick. As of now, hunger strikes continue in Yemen, as people protest against the at the oppression of government troops. They are accused of launching unrestrained bombing operations to destroy rebel-held areas without regard for civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen has 16 million people who are daily hungry. The system of health care in Yemen is basically broken because of seven years of conflict. There is no other source of help except at home dead or alive COVID19 virus victims are wasting in the sand because medical professionals don’t have access within their communities; too to be fighting with one another, rather than focussing on saving lives.

The country’s changing circumstances provide the perfect conditions to facilitate HIV transmission. 4 million people live in poverty without a permanent residence and are unable to eat as food prices continue to increase while wages remain low. The country is not able to make enough money available for essential needs such as drinking water that is safe or health care. This is why it will be nearly impossible to control this epidemic without help from outside. But, we need to act swiftly before it’s too much to late.

The Yemenite people have been fighting the spreading of Cholera for a long time and are still not completely safe but. There is a chance to be hopeful, with international organizations such Save The Children America and World Vision UK supporting them through COVID-19.

How Welfare Trusts can be used to help Yemenis

In this time of mass suffering the welfare trusts have provided millions of people with lifesaving water and food. They also provide a COVID-19 health kit to protect against infection, which has already killed many Yemenis.

In Yemen, welfare trusts have worked hard over the past few years to help those who are in need. They are able to provide humanitarian assistance in the most dire situations like when they are unable get to their destination due to conflicts. This is the reason why the international organizations like them are essential.

It’s a challenging time for many people, and we are grateful that there’s help for those in need. By working with local partner organizations and distributing cash and food to help people purchase essential goods while helping to boost the economy should hopefully get them to be free of hunger or at least closer to being able to eat.

Women in Yemen are getting a new lease of life because of the numerous generous donors who give their time and cash to support this cause. Hospitals for women’s health are funded by generous donations. This makes sure that all women can safely deliver babies without any health concerns or dehydration. Rehabilitation facilities also offer post-birth treatment, including medications when needed.

Many welfare trusts have been offering hygiene kits to families living in camps. They also distribute safe water to schools and hospitals as a way of responding.

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