What Is The Cause Of Latency?

The term “latency” refers the amount of amount of time that it takes your computer and other devices in response to an action like clicking on a link. Most people isn’t a problem with their video streaming or Spotify listening. However, if they game then there can be huge issues with latency also because satellite internet has more speed than wired connections, and this means that players playing games could experience poor performance due to the excessive packet loss rates caused by lengthy pings.

Latency is the difference between the sensation you get from your input (in this instance, an anchor) and the speed at which it’s delivered to other people. It can also be a problem if you’re playing online video games, or watching YouTube videos. It can impact the speed of response due to the fact that things might not be as precise as they should.

What causes Latency?

The issue of latency is a major pain factor for gamers as well as other users who wish to stream their favourite content on in the field. Latency can be affected by factors like distance between you (and the server) and any intermediate factors such as Wi-Fi speed and internet connection type. It is also possible to have an impact on the combination of router and modem you choose to use There are numerous options! Don’t be alarmed if it may appear complicated at first.


Latencyis the time it takes for information to move from one place in space to another. It is the distance your computer is from the server(s) which are supplying the information requested by your device. If it’s not similar enough, then you’ll experience an increase in latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the most important elements that determine the amount of the latency you experience when surfing on your laptop or mobile device is called “propagation delay.” It’s easy to think of it as a singular factor, but it affects all other measures of bandwidth and speed of connection that we take into consideration, such as download speeds (because they depend on receiving data packets returned from the place they’re delivered) as well as uploads, which depend on having a network interface card the same goes for wireless connections too.

Different types of Internet connections

There is a significant variation in the latency of the different kinds of internet connections. DSL, cable and fiber all have lower speed than satellite. Satellite’s design means it requires more space for transmission. This causes long wait times, as well as better buffering capabilities on websites you’d like to access, such as videos or audio.

What’s the point of a website?

Have you ever clicked on a link but waited to see the page load and then clicked on it again? It was because they were trying to make their Angelfire site look attractive. They put The Office memes all over it, and so every visit, it takes longer than usual.

Your web browser must download large files, like videos or HD images, whenever you go to a site. There may be some delay when the files are located in a remote server away from the site you’re currently browsing.

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