All You Need To Know About Website Design Trends

Mobile First

Since the majority of revenue today come via mobile devices, designers and developers are developing more websites using the mobile-first mindset. It is vital that web designers and developers have previous knowledge of designing apps to ensure high-quality UX for smaller screen sizes. This will help them create an app-based website that requires particular attention due to its small size.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May flowers This is the reason you’re experiencing more vibrant colors and round corners on websites. Backgrounds have changed from using 90deg angles for design elements like avatars on profiles or form input. Nowadays, you can make use of unique angles to keep your users interested. Making sure that your website is well within current trends helps create trust between you and potential customers . This allows them not just to purchase from you but also to recommend your service to boost sales by a significant amount.

More Animations and Interactions

Animated websites are getting more well-known due to the advancements in web technologies , like jQuery. These scripts can create a website that is not just a place to read printed text, but also allow for interactivity between the user and the page’s elements, which was previously limited by the possibilities you could create with images before they were integrated into the global web.

The web is becoming increasingly interactive. Sliders, page transitions, information panels, and even simple animations are a great way to make your website appear alive, without having to resort back to the ugly 1990s style that we are all familiar with so well. This increased interactivity can drive visitors to sites that earn revenues, which can lead to a greater per-visit rate (RPV).


The majority of companies are employing the HTML5 tag to secure their websites and ensure they remain online. There are many platforms that allow you to host video content, which includes streaming. This has led many companies to choose to achieve this more effectively than YouTube and other third-party service providers. These tags allow your company’s videos seamlessly integrated into your website. They also provide you with a more options for playing.

Video Backgrounds

With the popularity of video backgrounds, you can leverage the power of video backgrounds to your advantage. This will increase the level of engagement with your customers. They can increase conversion rates by offering more information than traditional images. Furthermore, videos are easier to read for people who may not be able to read the text.

Backgrounds with video can be an effective strategy to improve branding as well as the number of people who return. They can be utilized for general purpose and for specific types of marketing, for instance eCommerce content strategies or video marketing. This will allow you to increase your site’s duration and the level of engagement with customers.

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