Most Software Developers Fail to Give Their Best During a Job Interview

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Most likely, you have a lot less interviewing practice than your interviewers. They may see candidates on a weekly basis, while you may have just gotten started with your job search.

If you are rusty, you will make mistakes. Because of these mistakes, you may ruin your chances of getting your dream job. Even if you get the job, your starting salary may be a lot lower.

At the same time, job hoppers and people who get fired regularly, may end up with the same job you didn’t get. They may even earn a higher starting salary. Isn’t this unfair?

Most people never train for the interview consciously. Breaking down the process of interviewing can be a huge advantage in proper hands.

Four Pillars of a Successful Tech Interview

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How I Can Help You

I have been an interviewer and a candidate myself. I got a lot of great offers, and I have also hired A+ candidates. Therefore, I know that a software developer interview is a serious challenge. For some people, it is just as hard as public speaking.

Are you ready for a free practice interview task related to your programming language? I will give you laser-sharp feedback on your performance.

Don’t Confuse Yourself!

Some generic career and negotiation gurus claim that you need NLP tricks, FBI hostage negotiation tricks, or you should even apply hypnosis techniques during the interview. This is absurd!

If you are looking for someone showing you hypnotic interview tricks, or negotiation techniques based on FBI hostage negotiatiors, please look elsewhere! I am convinced that you do not need to use any of these techniques to get the best jobs.

I do believe in fair trades. Please only use my services if you plan offering some competence in exchange for getting a job. You don’t have to be competent now, just promise me that you will spend time on increasing your skills instead of learning FBI interviewing techniques.

No Preparation is Needed

The only requirement I have is basic knowledge of a programming language. You don’t have to learn programming riddles. You don’t have to read read any of the coding interview book bestsellers.

This time, showing up gets 80% of the job done. My challenge will be surprising to you, and this is the reason why I will be able to give you accurate feedback on what you need to work on if you want to become a better professional.

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Pass Interviews with Ease

Amazon bestseller books have been written on how to crack code interviews. These books overlook one important aspect of the process: the interview does not have to be cracked.

Get your thought process straight, and focus on things that matter. Most people reach a plateau with the strategy of solving riddles. At the same time, they repeat fundamental mistakes over and over again.

I have interviewed more than a hundred candidates. During these interviews, I asked myself one question over and over. What makes the difference between people who excel, and people who fail on the job?

The answer to this question is, that excellence can be measured by a simple interview task. Based on this task, in my interviewing practice, I have rejected at least 70% of applicants, ranging from junior to senior developers. As an added bonus, I could tell each and every applicant, why they were not suitable for the job they applied for. These were not just empty reasons, I also had proof in my hands.

You don't need to memorize anything for this task. You can google anything. You can even ask me questions. You will also have plenty of time to complete the task. In fact, the task can be completed in less than five minutes. All you need is basic knowledge of the programming language of your choice.

No, this is not a whiteboard task. You may even use your own compiler if you want to.

No, you don't need much algorithmic knowledge. I won't ask you to implement a sorting algorithm. Time and space complexity does not matter either.

You may wonder why 70% of the applicants fail miserably at this task. My explanation is that there is high correlation between how quickly you solve this task, and how good your problem-solving skills are.

I admit, giving feedback after a failed interview was hard. Most of the developers were still grateful. They claimed they had never received better feedback in their lives. They also knew exactly what they had to work on to become better professionals, and maybe re-apply in half a year.

Those who passed this test and got hired, never got fired during probation. Without exception.

I am ready to give you feedback that may transform your software developer career.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

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