The Software Developer’s Dress Code

There are heated debates around what clothes should software developers wear at work. Some developers take their opinion so seriously as if they were debating the epic "open brace in new line or same line?" question for programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, C#. My disclaimer is linked to the main point this article intends

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The Software Developer’s Learning Plan

Warning! Some thought provoking lies ahead. You see, I get feedback from software developers all the time. I hear things like, I want to learn the Go language. Then I ask the question, why Go? What is your outcome? The response is a disappointing "because Go is cool. I will continue working as a .NET

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7 Common Mistakes I learned from Reviewing 500 Software Developer Resumes

One of the advantages of my role is that we have been continuously hiring software developers. I tend to give a chance to most skilled developers with a below average resume. However, this does not mean that most HR managers or software professionals will do the same. Therefore, it makes sense for you to avoid

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